Work it!

6 steps to make the event work for you:

At VIP Social Events, we give you the LOCK or KEY that gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone and anyone that you want to meet in the room.

Here is how to make it work:

1) Make Eye Contact. When you approach, smile and look into their eyes.  Making eye contact shows you really want to talk to them.  It will impress them.

2) Introduce yourself.  Then repeat their name out loud, which will help you remember it.

3) Compliment them.  There must have been one reason you walked up to that person.  “I love your hair”, “You have beautiful eyes”, “Susan, that color looks great on you”. This is another good time to use their name again.

4) Ask questions.  Ask them an easy basic question, i.e. “What do you like to do for fun?”

5) Then listen.  Truly listen. Let me repeat, Listen!  Too many people are thinking about what they are going to say next and forget to truly listen.  Listening will make the other person feel at ease and that you care.

 6) Enjoy the process. After a few minutes, you might feel this person isn’t a good fit for you. That’s OK. Not everybody is a match! When this happens, wait for break in the conversation, say it was nice meeting them (don’t forget their name) and try your key (or lock) on someone else. DO NOT BE RUDE! You never know, that person’s best friend could be the one across the room you want to meet!

Sign up for one of our events now! Give this a try and let us know when it works!

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