VIP Social Match

VIP Social Match Membership

ONE monthly VIP Social Match exclusive party at the end of each month (Wed/Thur/Fri’s) with personally selected matches that meet 4 or more  of your criteria.
Safely and securely meet like-minded people in real life at private invitation-only parties and then connect with them through Love Lab.

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Bonus Features

  • Admission to one UNLOCK the Night event per month, including a complimentary cocktail at the event.
  • VIP Silver membership card and membership wristband for front of the line access.
  • Monthly Deals- Huge discount on certain items per month, such as jewelry, spa services, and other items.

VIP Social Match is currently only open in the Los Angeles area. Other cities > Click Here to get on the wait list.

Enrollment is open to the first 150 people starting January 1st through January 5th.  Enrollment closes on January 5th at midnight.


Introductory prices will be as follows:

The first 20 people that sign up on Jan 1st are FREE

The second 20 people that sign up on Jan 1st receive a  60% discount

The third 20 people that sign up on Jan 1st receive a  40% discount

(Ages 25 – 38) 3 months $69.99 per month
(Ages 35 – 48) 3 months $69.99 per month
(Ages 45 – 58) 3 months  $69.99 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIP Socal Match?

We have created a monthly match service that will allow you to meet new people that match 4 or more of your chosen criteria at an exclusive and fun happy hour type of setting.

You will also be given front of the line access and a complimentary cocktail at an UNLOCK The Night event each month as a bonus to meet even more new people.

When are the VIP Social Match Parties each month?

The exclusive parties will take place the end of each month on a Wednesday, Thursday or a Friday evening.

Where are the VIP Social Match Parties each month?

We have divided LA intro 3 areas depending upon where you live; Westside, Central LA/Downtown and the Valley.

When can you sign up for VIP Social Match?

 Open enrollment will occur the first 5 days of every month

Why is VIP Social Match better then other dating services?

A typical matchmaker can cost anywhere from $2000 – $7000 per year

At a typical speed dating event is very rigid, only 5 -7 minutes per person and no one has any pre matched criteria.

Online dating as you probably already know can be very much a roll of the dice and river of emails that may lead to a date with someone who has provided a false profile and a very old photo.

We have created an incredible new service that combines all the great qualities of each of these services and events and taken out the less desirable qualities.

Also you will not only meet potential romantic partners, you will also meet 5-10 other cool people for possible friendships, business partnerships and new opportunities.

All of us at VIP Social Match are ready to get you matched up with new romance, new opportunities, new friends and new adventures to enrich your social life.