The Best Handshake

Last week we covered the bad handshakes, and how they are like poison to a new meeting/greeting. VIP Social Events wants to share with you the keys to giving the best handshake ever.

1. Eye contact.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but we see it all the time – handshaking and shoe admiring. Look up! Keep the eye contact warm and appropriate, and approximately 3 seconds.

2. Smile

A smile is inviting, and a genuine smile reaches your eyes (making the above-mentioned ‘warm and appropriate’ eye contact happen that much easier.

3. Respect personal space

Everyone’s personal bubble is a different size, but all of our personal bubbles expand in regards to strangers. If you invade this space, you have already given them the impression that you are an intruder who doesn’t respect boundaries. Bubble intruder = starting off on the wrong foot.One to two feet is best, but of course make sure you can reach them.

4. Be firm and brief

Firmness in a handshake shows sincerity, plain and simple. Briefness shows you don’t want to waste anyone’s time…..two pump max!

Do you plan on meeting new people at our event this Saturday night? Can you prove yourself an excellent hand-shaker?



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