The Art of the Business Card: First Edition

Business cards are a necessary part of doing business and networking. They can be extremely useful when used correctly, and superfluous if used incorrectly. To make your business cards count, try these tips.

Stay Strictly Business

Your business cards should exude, well, business. Don’t distract prospective customers and associates with flowery cuteness – the point of the business card is to provide contact information, and get people to use it. Stay true to your brand identity, but your design shouldn’t contain more than your logo, name, website, email, and phone number.

Be Smart

As stated above, your goal is two-fold: give people your contact info, and get them to use it. Simply handing someone a business card is not networking, and does not mean you will ever hear from that person again. If there is a time in conversation where someone appears genuinely interested in your business, find a natural time to hand them a business card. If someone asks for it, give it to them.

But don’t hand it out blindly – and don’t leave them hanging. Even if they want your business card (because they are interested in the moment), give them a reason to use it! Write a note on the back with what you talked about (so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle), or give them an incentive: “Check out the website listed on the card! We have a 50% off promotion running through the end of the week!”

Do you hand out business cards but never see a return? Are you confused about what to do with the business cards you receive? Let us know!

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