How to talk to strangers with ease….

One of the best ways to build your network and invigorate your social life is to develop the skill of talking to strangers.

Here are 5 easy ways:

Make eye contact.  This helps the other person to feel that you are approachable and make you appear friendly.  It also conveys appreciation and respect.

Show interest in them.  This goes a long way in building relationships.  Showing that you are genuinely interested in finding out about them makes the other person feel you care.

Stay positive.  Nothing ruins a good conversation than bringing up something negative.  People want to be around positive and happy people.

Listen.  This is actually one of the most important and most overlooked virtues of talking to others..  When people feel they are actually being listened to, they immediately relax and feel more at ease, which leads to much stronger relationships.

Smile.  No explanation necessary.  =)

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