Office Party Etiquette

As tragic as it may seem, you may be required to attend an event this time of year that has nothing to do with VIP Social Events – the dreaded Office Holiday Party. Here are some tips on getting through the night in one piece (beyond daydreaming near the coffeemaker about being at a VIP Event instead).

1. Attend. Your absence will not go unnoticed if you tell your coworker you’re going home to change and then never return. If you like your job and would be glad to keep it, a 40 minute stopover is crucial. Not only may you get the chance to meet some different (and hopefully influential) people, you will also avoid Kenny the copy boy texting you all night long demanding to know when you’re going to show up.

2. Use Moderation. The term “Office Holiday Party” is a horrible abuse of the word ‘party’, but facts are facts: It’s a work event. Knowing your alcohol limit is going to save you from flirting with Kenny, demanding a raise from your boss, and being forced to call in sick the next day.

3. Avoid Gossip. Gossip comes with three options – you can spread it, you can create it, or you can avoid it. Don’t get caught up in the merriment…..Sheila from accounting may seem like the perfect person to tell that embarrassing story about your boss to (since you’re thinking about work anyway, and they’re calling it a party), but how many times have you even seen her, besides lurking around the break room? Besides, you can quickly become the butt of gossip yourself if you’re called into the boss’s office to get scolded.

Have you ever caused the wrong kind of splash at an office event? Are your coworkers amazing? We want to hear about it!

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