1. Don’t ask the girl to pay. I know in today’s world, equality is everything, but on the first date please be a gentleman. Take the check as soon as it arrives and don’t wait for her to pull out her wallet. Don’t let it be awkward and make sure she says yes to date number two.
2. Don’t talk about your past relationships because she doesn’t want to know!!! Sure, somewhere down the line you’ll both be expected to dish the dirty stuff, but talking about your ex on the first date is a big turnoff.
3. Don’t grill her. Asking questions is great, and encouraged, but asking her TOO MANY questions can freak her out. Try to have the conversation flow back and forth, instead of you doing all the talking and asking.
4. Don’t argue about religion, politics, or any other hot topics. Disagreeing about something is totally okay, it shows that you have your own mind and opinion, but bashing her for believing in something or liking something isn’t going to get you anywhere.
5. Don’t brag about yourself. No one wants to hear about your promotion, your nice car, your celebrity encounters, none of it. At least not on the fist date and not all at once. It’s okay to talk about yourself and let her know what good qualities you have, but make sure you don’t just throw them at her— wait until it makes sense in the conversation.
If you follow these 5 easy steps, you might have a chance of going on date number two. Just remember to relax, be yourself, and have fun!
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