First dates

Going on first dates can be awkward, nerve wrecking and straight up terrifying. But they can also be fun, exciting and stimulating if done right. A simple dinner and a movie might not work anymore because it’s too cliche or maybe it’s just down right boring. Let’s explore some first date ideas and why they actually work!


  1. Bowling is a super old school date idea, but it’s also so casual that it takes the pressure off of both of you. Grab a beer and a slice of pizza, put on those bowling shoes and you’re guaranteed to have a laugh or two at least! It’s such a relaxed environment that you’re bound to have a good time. And if you don’t, well at least it was a cheap date!
  2. Hiking can also be really great because the issue of money is non existent. It makes the date more fun and all about getting to know each other. Being outdoors and getting fresh air will put the two of you at ease, but just make sure your date likes the outdoors before putting on those hiking shoes.
  3. Going to a show (musical, ballet, etc) is way more classy than a movie and it’s also unique. It shows that you’ve been listening to what the other person enjoys and that you take their likes into consideration. During intermission you can grab a drink and chat, unlike at a traditional movie theater where you can’t make a sound for two hours.
  4. Ice skating is the perfect way to be relaxed and have fun, all while being romantic. You know it’s the perfect excuse to hold hands! You just don’t want them to fall right?! You can also talk and get to know each other the entire time.
  5. Play tourist and take your date to some cool landmarks in the city. Who cares if you’ve both been there a dozen times? This time you’re going to explore together. It’s fun to pretend like it’s your first time looking at something and getting a new perspective on it.


Try some of these out and let us know how it goes! Good luck!


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