Types of Events

Hunt and Match.  Join us for an exciting new game of “Chance”. A VIP Networking Mixer that helps you to get to know the other people in the room very quickly! Sexy networking, cupid meets opportunity. A great new way to get to know people in a completely fun and different way, earn raffle tickets during the game and win prizes! Think of this as a really fun scavenger hunt that will take place inside a bar or lounge, with mingling and networking!

Unlock The Night- The object of this game is to get UNLOCKED! As soon as you get your key or lock walk around and mingle, while finding the key that matches your lock. Every time you get unlocked, you win a raffle ticket, which turns into a chance to win awesome prizes at the end of the night.

Ace Networking. ~opportunity is everywhere. Ace is an interactive game that allows you to instantly get to know everyone in the room. It is a fun, social Vegas style poker game. Ace Networking is a party in which you are given playing cards, then you mingle around the room to pair your cards with others to make poker hands all while meeting and connecting. When you find someone that you can combine cards with to make a poker hand, you both win poker chips that can lead to winning lottery tickets and more.