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5 Tips to make the most out of attending an event

Be confident. Everyone at VIP Social Events is looking to meet people. Whether it be for work, friendship, or love, people at our events are seeking out relationships. Be confident and feel free to talk to people. Make Eye Contact. When you

Work it!

6 steps to make the event work for you: At VIP Social Events, we give you the LOCK or KEY that gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone and anyone that you want to meet in the room.

Success – Key #1

“Never, never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill What do you want in life? Success, money, a better career, more friends, a soul-mate. So how do you get what you want? Go for it! As Nike says, “Just do

5 easy ways to make new friends or new contacts

There are many reasons in which it is a good idea to meet new people.  It is always a great idea to have a large network of contacts and friends. Maybe you are new to Los Angeles and need to start

How to talk to strangers with ease….

One of the best ways to build your network and invigorate your social life is to develop the skill of talking to strangers. Here are 5 easy ways: Make eye contact.  This helps the other person to feel that you are

The Art of the Business Card: Second Edition

Last week VIP Social Events gave you pointers on using your business card effectively by staying professional and having a strategy. This week we cover what to do when you’re on the other end – after all, what on earth

The Art of the Business Card: First Edition

Business cards are a necessary part of doing business and networking. They can be extremely useful when used correctly, and superfluous if used incorrectly. To make your business cards count, try these tips. Stay Strictly Business Your business cards should

The Best Handshake

Last week we covered the bad handshakes, and how they are like poison to a new meeting/greeting. VIP Social Events wants to share with you the keys to giving the best handshake ever. 1. Eye contact. Sounds like a no-brainer,

Bad Handshakes

There are four main circumstances for shaking someone’s hand: meeting someone for the first time, greeting someone professionally, making a bet, and sealing a deal. VIP Social Events is here to help you meet and greet people, and hopefully seal