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1. Don’t ask the girl to pay. I know in today’s world, equality is everything, but on the first date please be a gentleman. Take the check as soon as it arrives and don’t wait for her to pull out

First dates

Going on first dates can be awkward, nerve wrecking and straight up terrifying. But they can also be fun, exciting and stimulating if done right. A simple dinner and a movie might not work anymore because it’s too cliche or

5 myths about singles events

1) “Singles events are awkward”.   VIP Social Events take the awkwardness out from the beginning. You check in and get a drink, and then we give you the ice breakers that have you talking to everyone in the room!     “The Hunt and Match I

The Best Handshake

Last week we covered the bad handshakes, and how they are like poison to a new meeting/greeting. VIP Social Events wants to share with you the keys to giving the best handshake ever. 1. Eye contact. Sounds like a no-brainer,

Bad Handshakes

There are four main circumstances for shaking someone’s hand: meeting someone for the first time, greeting someone professionally, making a bet, and sealing a deal. VIP Social Events is here to help you meet and greet people, and hopefully seal

First Impressions: What Women Notice

You’re funny, smart AND charming (your mom said so – it must be true). Unfortunately, a woman can’t tell how wonderful you are just by looking at you. VIP Social Events has the inside scoop on what women are looking

Say This, Not That: Appropriate Small Chat

Meeting new people is an invigorating experience, but sometimes a nerve-wracking one. A common practice between excited, nervous people meeting other excited, nervous people? Over-sharing. VIP Social Events brings you a tip to test out this weekend! Say this: What

Nonverbal Communication: What Guys Say Without Words

Bars, clubs, lounges – chances are you’ve been in one where the music is so loud you can’t hear the guy next to you trying to tell you how fantastic you are. The good news is body language can speak