Be the Toast Master

You’ve survived the Office Holiday Party and made it through Chrismahanukwanzakah, but the holidays are far from over. Not only is there a VIP Event at Boulevard3 in Hollywood this Friday, but New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, too! Parties this time of year always seem to come with an extra special addition: the Toast. If you’re asked to give a toast, don’t sweat it – we have some helpful guidelines to ensure your toast will be legendary.

Keep it light.

Heartfelt monologues should be saved for weddings and funerals, not holiday parties. Besides, it’s rude to make girls cry when they’ve spent time putting on makeup! A fun toast will set the mood for the rest of the event.

Keep it brief.

You know how annoying it is when you’re watching your turkey and stuffing grow cold as Uncle Gene is missing the cues to wrap up his toast. Don’t make your crowd suffer, either. As a wise professor once told us, “If you can’t memorize it, it’s too long.”

Keep it relevant

Know your crowd and focus your speech to them. A party with your college buddies is the perfect place to throw a quick story in your toast about the spring break trip you all went on (and how you can’t wait to make more memories with them in the upcoming year). Adversely, your aunts, uncles, and cousins are not going to be charmed by your spring break stories, but would like to hear stories that they were present for and a part of. A walk down memory lane is a safe bet to give your crowd warm and fuzzy feelings.

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