Bad Handshakes

There are four main circumstances for shaking someone’s hand: meeting someone for the first time, greeting someone professionally, making a bet, and sealing a deal. VIP Social Events is here to help you meet and greet people, and hopefully seal some deals. This week we are going to highlight handshakes to avoid.

1. The Limp Handshake

Many women (and some hulk-like men who are terrified of hurting people) are guilty of the limp handshake – they hold out their hand like a droopy flower or let their hand sit weakly in yours.

2. Spit

Unhygienic! Commonly used for sealing deals between The Little Rascals, this is inappropriate outside of grade school, and dirty at any age.

3. Sneeze Hand

If you have done anything unsavory with that hand you’re extending, you should politely refuse the handshake, whether or not someone saw you sneeze/cough/wipe your nose into it. If you’ve ever seen someone do something icky and then offer you the hand, feel free to tell them you’re sick and would rather not touch them.

4. The Crusher

A firm handshake is great, The Crusher is not. If anything cracks, you are doing it wrong.

5. Clammy/Sweaty Handshake

A damp hand is an unfriendly hand, and speaks louder than any words you may actually say. If you’re nervous, wipe your hand before you approach anyone.

Have you ever been extended any of the bad hands? Do you have another handshake that rubs you the wrong way? Let us know!

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