Holiday Cocktail Guide

Whether you’re serving or being served, the holidays are the perfect time for a cup of cheer! Lubricate social settings with some holiday cocktail knowledge. Egg Nog Creamy and delicious, with or without alcohol. Consists of milk/cream, sugar, eggs and

What to Wear – Ideas for Ladies

Stumped over what to wear to a VIP Social Event? We’ve put together some classy and sassy outfit ideas to inspire you! Remember, flaunt in moderation!

First Impressions: What Women Notice

You’re funny, smart AND charming (your mom said so – it must be true). Unfortunately, a woman can’t tell how wonderful you are just by looking at you. VIP Social Events has the inside scoop on what women are looking

Happy Halloween from VIP Social Events! Fun Facts

Need a great way to break the ice tonight or at the Masquerade event on Saturday? Dazzle future new friends with some factoids about Halloween! 1. Using or selling Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween will cost you. Up to

Help Us Help You – And Get Rewarded!

Have you ever been to a VIP event and thought, “I had to drive too far” or “I missed the drink specials”? Well, we want to hear about it! VIP Social Events wants bring you quality, classy events that cater

Dressing Up and Dressing Warm: Style Guide for Girls

With the changing seasons comes a new challenge for the winter: staying cute while staying cozy. VIP Social Events always encourages our party-goers to aim for “best-dressed” when they come to an event. What do our party-goers have to say

Masquerade Q and A

  Halloween is just around the corner, and VIP Social Events is celebrating with style at our Masquerade Ball November 2nd!This week we visited the Pasadena Antique Mall to browse their amazing collection of all things Halloween, especially masks, and

Worst Date Woes: Part One

Sometimes, awkward dating situations happen to good people. VIP Social Events captains recently got together to discuss the worst dates they ever had. Here are some of the highlights… “She talked about her dog for 3 hours. I like animals,

Say This, Not That: Appropriate Small Chat

Meeting new people is an invigorating experience, but sometimes a nerve-wracking one. A common practice between excited, nervous people meeting other excited, nervous people? Over-sharing. VIP Social Events brings you a tip to test out this weekend! Say this: What

Nonverbal Communication: What Guys Say Without Words

Bars, clubs, lounges – chances are you’ve been in one where the music is so loud you can’t hear the guy next to you trying to tell you how fantastic you are. The good news is body language can speak