5 Tips to make the most out of attending an event

Be confident. Everyone at VIP Social Events is looking to meet people. Whether it be for work, friendship, or love, people at our events are seeking out relationships. Be confident and feel free to talk to people.

Make Eye Contact. When you meet someone look them in the eye.  It creates a personal connection and demonstrates that you are interested.

Smile. People like being around happy, positive people. If you smile people are more likely to want to stick around.

Don’t lose focus. The games are fun and the prizes are great but don’t let that be your main purpose.  Remember you are there to meet people and form relationships.

Have Fun! No pressure here!   At VIP Social Events the games allow you the perfect opportunity to talk and meet anyone at the event. Let loose, talk to people, play the game, and make new connections!

Sign up for one of our events and let us know how it goes!

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