5 myths about singles events

1) “Singles events are awkward”.   VIP Social Events take the awkwardness out from the beginning. You check in and get a drink, and then we give you the ice breakers that have you talking to everyone in the room!     “The Hunt and Match I went to was so fun.  It allowed me to really get to know everyone in the room and I had so much fun doing it.  The hunt cards were a blast!”  Christina told us after the last event.


2) “Only losers go to Singles events”.   People are getting tired of online dating.  It takes so long to meet just one or two people.  So all kinds of cool people are flocking to our events.  We get doctors, scientists, firefighters, actors and last month even a professional soccer player was at our event.


3) “Singles events are boring”.  We dare you not to LOL at one of our events.  The ice breakers are just that…. We definitely will break the ice and allow you to meet everyone in the room.


4) “Singles events are only for hook-ups”.  Many people that have met at our events have gotten married.  We have been invited to quite a few weddings.  Even if they didn’t find “the one”, we have been told so many times that they have found best friends, business partners, a new job, someone to go to the dog park with or just cool people to hang out with.  This is why our name is VIP Social Events… come be social with us!


5) “Singles events are expensive”.  Online dating can be $30-40 per month with a 6 month commitment and you have to wade through an enormous amount of profiles only to make dates with one or two people in that whole month.  At VIP Social Events you get to come to one event for under $25 dollars and meet up to 100 people in one night!    Use Promocode:  Newsletter3 to save $3 off any event to save even more money!

Sign up now…..  the ‘one’ could be there this weekend!

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