5 easy ways to make new friends or new contacts

There are many reasons in which it is a good idea to meet new people.  It is always a great idea to have a large network of contacts and friends. Maybe you are new to Los Angeles and need to start your network.  Or you just ended a relationship and need to try something new.

Where do you start?   Here are some ideas:


1)    Join a club or a team.  If you like sports, you can contact your local park to see if they have pick up teams you can join. You can Google something you are interested in and see what clubs pop up; i.e. horseback riding clubs.  Meeting people with the same interests as you helps in forming new friendships and contacts.


2)    Volunteer.  You can contact your local city’s chamber of commerce and ask them about non-profits that might need your help.  Giving of your time with others helps to form strong bonds of friendship.


3)    Meetup.com. This is a great website that has everything from knitting groups to surfing meet ups.  While you are there please join our meetup at http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Singles-Events-Group.


4)    Get a part time job.  Even though you may have a great career. Working a few hours on a weekend can be a great place to meet others.  VIP Social Events is hiring.  What is better than partying on the weekends, while making a little extra cash?


5)    Come to a VIP Social Event.  Our parties enable everyone in the room to instantly get to know each other, while laughing and having fun!   Check out a party in your city and if there is not one in your city yet, see #4 above.


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